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There are many engineering and design jobs that use cad (computer-aided design software).
We are often asked what kind of cad software companies use. As an active recruitment agency for engineers and designers, we know that this depends on the observable area where the company operates.
Different cad systems are adapted to specific industries, with overlap and competition between different cad- systems. Software companies.
Want to learn about the best cad software for engineers, designers and draftsmen? Keep reading.
We list cad software packages that you should learn, some of their features, possible career paths, and industries that create job opportunities.
popular the types of cad software the company uses include solidworks, inventor, revit, autocad, civil 3d, microstation, catia, creo, and siemens nx.
1. Solidworks
As a renowned mechanical system design software with a huge user community, employers are often looking for job seekers with great skill in this area at solidworks. This 3d modeling cad software is well applied in mechanical engineering and design. It is the industry standard for product development.
Product design modeling3d solid modelingproduct information managementcost estimation, manufacturability testeasy to apply in mindused by mechanical and electrical departments occupations using solidworks cad software
Mechanical, design and draftsmanprocess engineerindustrial engineerelectrical, design and drafting engineerproduct development engineerwhich industries use solidworks?
Aerospace and aviationconsumer productsmanufacturing medical equipmentindustrial goodsoil and gas2. Inventor
3d modeling software and solidworks profiling competitor used in mechanical engineering, engineering and product development.
3d parametric modelingmanagement product information3d solid modelingmodelingvisualizationinventor cad occupations
Mechanical engineer, designer and draftsman process engineerindustrial engineerdesign engineerwhat industries use an inventor?
Aerospace & aviationconsumer products manufacturingmedicine deviceindustrial productsoil and gas equipment3. Revit
Bim (building information modeling) software for construction projects, with a set of equipment for producing 3d building models. This software offers many disciplines of building tasks, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical aspects. If you're asking what cad software i should look into for building design or construction, this is it. The demand for employees with revit experience constantly covers new territories for less than a year.
3d modeling and 3d visualizationmodeling and detailing of engineering systemssteel structure modelingconstruction project documentationmodeling ingredients for repair and manufacturingoccupations related to the use of the revit cad program
Mechanical engineer, designer and draftsmanelectrical engineer, designer and draftsman structural engineer, designer & plannerarchitects, architectural designers & plannersinterior architect, interior designerplumbing, hvac designer, utility systems designerbim coordinatorwhich industries use revit?
Architectureconstructionengineering4. Autocad
One of the oldest and most used cad programs for 2d/3d drafting and design. He gets a chance to create drawings, equipment layouts, section planes, model documents and any other services. Learning autocad and additional 3d cad programs is a guarantee of well-being.
2d drafting, drafting and annotationadvanced workflowsexternal links, and block palettesdynamic blocks 3d mesh, solid and surface modelingprofessions related to the use of autocad cad
Architects, architectural designer and draftsmanelectrical engineer, designer and draftsmanelectronic engineer, planner and drafterplumber, hvac designer, mepinterior designerindustrial engineerprocess engineermechanical engineer, planner and draftercivil engineer, designer and drafterwhich industries use autocad?
Aerospace and aviationconsumer productsmanufacturingmedical equipmentindustrial productsoil and gascivil , structural, mep5. Civil 3d
An autodesk product originally created as a plug-in for autocad, civil 3d is stand-alone software used by civil engineers and other medical professionals to plan, develop and manage civil engineering projects including transportation, land management and sewage. Job seekers with civil 3d design experience are considered one of the mostmost common in-demand skills among civil engineering employers.
Corridor modelingproduction planning tools (plan, profiles and sections) elevation profilingbim (building information modeling) supportsurface creation toolsjobs that use civil 3d cad
Civil engineer , designer and draftsman gis technicianssurveying technicianswhat industries use civil 3d?
Civil and transport engineeringutilitiesoil and gas6. Microstation
3d/2d cad software used by architects and engineers to visualize, model, draft and document designs. Microstation is well used in the international civil transport market for urban and government projects dot.
Parametric 3d modelingability to visualize and process data on modelsbim workflowsanimation creation and visualizationprofessions related to the use of microstation cad software
Architects, architectural designer and draftsmancivil engineer, designer and draftsmaninterior designertransport engineerwhich industries use microstation?
Architecture and planningcivil water supply and sanitationconstructioncontinuous productionoil and gas electrical and gas supply7. Catia
Cad software used by oems (original equipment manufacturers for surface modeling, design and visualization. Interested in collaborating with an engineer or designer in the automotive or aerospace industry? Add you can see to a customized list.
3d modelingdigital prototypinghigh-detail surface modeling and shape manipulationvirtual product creation and analysis during development catia cad
Mechanical engineer, designer & draftselectrical engineer, designer & draftsindustrial designerproduct development engineerwhat's what industries using catia?
Aerospace and aviationautomotiveshipbuilding8.Creo
Creo, formerly famous like a pro/engineer, in fact there is a 3d-cad for product development, generative design and top-down design. It is used by some of the world's most protected and large companies, including coca-cola.
3d modeling and designparametric coatinggenerative designplastic parts design jobs related to the use of creo cad
Mechanical engineer, designer and draftsmanproduct development engineerindustrial designer, stainless steel designer, tools and dies what industries use creo?
- Automotivefood & beveragemanufacturingindustrialproduct developmentplastics 9. Siemens nx
Siemens nx, once known as unigraphics, is a 3d cad software used for design, modeling and manufacturing. It is also one of the well-known cad software in the aerospace and automotive industries.
Some features including:
Advanced geometry creation tools3d modeling and graph development toolsconvergent modelingadvanced tools for geometry sculptinggenerative engineeringparametric designsiemens nx cad related occupations
Mechanical and design engineerprocess engineer and design design engineerwhich industries use siemens nx?
Aerospaceautomotivemedicalconsumer this list of nine popular cad systems is by no means exhaustive, but provides you with a general knowledge of the various commonly used cad systems that employers and cad recruitment agencies are looking for.
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